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Residential Garage DoorsIf you have a garage, you’ve probably never imagined life without your garage door. Let’s consider that alternate reality for a moment. If you had a garage without a garage door, what benefits would you miss out on? The thing that comes closest to this scenario is having a carport, instead of a garage. Basically, carports are small shelters on posts designed to offer your car some protection from weather-related incidents. So, having a garage without a door is practically the same thing.

Residential garage doors on the other hand not only offer shelter for your vehicle, but also increased security for your car and home, along with any other belongings you may wish to store in your garage, such as tools and supplies for hobbies, lawncare, or even extra possessions that don’t have a place within your home right now.

You may be thinking that all residential garage doors offer the same benefits, but the fact is that some are better than others. For example, some residential garage doors are older and must be opened manually, however, you will usually only find these on very old, antiquated homes. These days, most residential garage doors are automatic, offering varying degrees of security, insulation, noise control and convenience.

Regardless of whether you want residential garage doors with lots of expanded features or only the very simplest of them, the most important feature of any residential garage door is the amount of security that it offers. Once you are confident in the security of your garage doors, you can worry about style and other features. You can even get customized residential garage doors specifically made to fit not only your garage door opening, but also to perfectly suit your sense of style and necessity.

When you want the security, convenience, aesthetic beauty, and added value that high-quality residential garage doors offer, contact us at Kempenfelt Overhead Doors.  We can get you equipped with the best garage doors for your needs.