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In the movies, we usually see burglars enter a home via a window or back door. What they don’t often show is that they typically exit through the garage door because they can quickly and easily carry your belongings out this larger exit point. If they can enter that way, as well, they will. Thus, if you are concerned with keeping your home secure, don’t forget about your garage doors. If yours are in disrepair or not as strong as they could be, consider calling for garage door repair/installation, so you can keep your belongings and your family safe.

Keeping Secure with Garage Door Repair/Installation

Garage Door Repair/Installation
Often older garage doors can be circumvented with nothing more than a pry bar, even if they have a lock on them. Newer models have better security, and you can get custom ones that are reinforced beyond that if you wish. Even if you cannot fit a new garage door into your budget, at least have repairs done that will make it more secure. Garage door repair/installation services are more affordable than losing everything or leaving your family in harm’s way.

Don’t risk the dangers of an old or damaged garage door. Give us a call today at Kempenfelt Overhead Doors and let our garage door repair/installation experts provide security for your home as we have done for the Barrie, ON area for over 25 years. Let us help you keep the burglars out of your home and show you how a beautiful new garage door can improve the appearance and value of your home.