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Garage Door Repair ServicesImagine you are anxiously looking forward to getting home after a long drive on snow-covered roads has you worn out. All you want to do is get your car in the garage and settle down with some warm pajamas and a cup of hot cocoa. As you turn into the driveway, you hit the remote for the garage door, and… nothing. The door doesn’t budge. You trudge through your snow-covered walkway to go in the front door figuring you can open it from inside, and grow frustrated when that doesn’t work either. You don’t really want to leave your vehicle outside all night, but it is late and you don’t want to call for garage door repair services at that hour, so you have no choice.

Wait a minute . . . why are we talking about snow in August? Truth is, if you want to avoid a situation like this during the winter, now is the time to start considering garage door repair services. It’s always best to have your garage door looked at long before the first snowflake of the season.

Most companies that have garage door repair services are more than happy to provide regular maintenance so that you can usually avoid unexpected breakdowns. While a malfunctioning garage door may be an inconvenience during the summer, it is far more unpleasant during the winter, so having your door checked out in the late summer or early fall is a really good idea.

At Kempenfelt Overhead Doors, we offer this critical service throughout the Barrie, ON area. In addition, should you find yourself in the situation of needing help even in the middle of the night this coming winter, you can give us a call because we offer 24 hour emergency service, so you do not have worry about your vehicle out in the elements or even if the opposite is the case and you are trapped inside the garage instead. Don’t hesitate– call us today for garage door repair services that will get you back to normal in no time.