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How the garage door motor works to help you open your garage

Do you know where the motor on your garage door is? It’s sort of a trick question because there’s not too many parts to a garage door that look like a motor, but just in case you’re not the mechanically inclined type, it’s inside the part with the vents and the light hanging on the ceiling of your garage. How the garage door motor works to help you open your garage is by using the motor to reel the garage door up and drop the door back down using a system of springs/chains, rollers, and track to guide the door up and down as the motor powers their combined function.

If your door will no longer move up and down at the press of a button (and you have electricity), then it is possible your door is jammed. If your lights come on, but you don’t hear that typical “mechanical” sound when you push the button to put your door up or down, chances are that your garage door motor has burned out or quit working for some reason.

We are able to replace garage door motors or give you a recommendation for a new garage door and then install either one with same-day service. We are available for emergency repairs 24/7. We know you may have valuables in your garage, work the night shift, worry about the safety of your children, run a business, or a lot of other things that would make you want to get your garage door motor fixed right away. Don’t let an overhead door that’s out of commission make you feel in over your head; just give us a call, and we’ll come out to fix the issues you are having with your door.