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several different garage door parts that work together

If you haven’t thought much about your home’s garage door, you might be surprised to learn how many components are involved. There are actually several different garage door parts that work together to allow your garage door to cycle open and closed, and any one of them can fail and leave you with a problem to resolve. When you call someone to repair your garage door, it will help if you have at least a basic understanding about the various garage door parts.

  • Springs- Garage doors are able to raise and lower because of the presence of either torsion springs or extension springs. Of all the garage door parts, these are the most dangerous to attempt to replace yourself and should always be left to a professional. If your garage door won’t open, it is often because of a problem with the springs. With an anticipated lifespan of 8 to 10 years, it may be wise to replace them when they get older to avoid the potential danger of one breaking.
  • Photo Eye- This is a security feature that transmits an invisible beam that, if blocked, will keep your garage door from closing. You should regularly test that it is working and properly aligned to avoid an injury.
  • Brackets and Hangers- There are several brackets and hangers that hold the various garage door parts in place and give the garage door support.
  • Garage Door Opener- Unless you have a manual garage door, you have a motorized garage door opener that has makes the job easier. When this is present, you’ll also have an emergency pull cord so you can disengage the motor and operate the garage door manually.

This is only a small representation of the many garage door parts involved. If you are having an issue with your garage door, call on us at Kempenfelt Overhead Doors, and we’ll accurately and efficiently diagnose the problem and replace any parts that are involved with top-quality replacements that will give you exceptional performance. Call today to learn more.