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One day we may have the Star Trek technology to transport ourselves from point A to point B quickly and easily, but until that time, many of us struggle with getting into our homes without being soaked by rain, frozen by snow or blinded by glaring sunlight. Getting from your car into your home is challenging, especially when you need to raise your garage door by hand. Thankfully, powered garage door openers with remote controls have made things much easier.

Garage Door Openers Make Life Easier and Safer

Not only has technology brought us an easier way to open and close our garage door when we are in our vehicle, but new advances are also emerging all the time. For example, with a keypad access, you can control your garage door when you are in the yard. This is actually a very good idea because without it, you may be tempted to leave your garage door open while you are doing yard work or walking the dog. This can result in someone robbing you or getting into your home to await your return and cause you harm.

Garage Door OpenersSome high-end models also allow you to control your garage door opener with your smartphone. If you sometimes get down the road and wonder if you closed the door or not, this could be a real time saver for you. You just pull up the app to find out and close the door if necessary. This is also a great way to provide access for someone when you can’t be there to let them in but you’d prefer not to leave a key under a mat. All this sounds a bit like a sci-fi TV show, but it is just an indication of what is yet to come with garage door openers.

If you would like more information about garage door openers and how your life could be made easier and safer with one installed, give us a call at Kempenfelt Overhead Doors. We’ve been serving the Barrie, ON area for over 25 years and look forward to being your source for new technologies for the next 25 years or more.