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The metal parts of residential garage doors face the most challenge in winter conditions

Ontario winters aren’t for the faint of heart, and you may be busily occupied with a variety of winterization tasks at your home about now. One that you shouldn’t forget is to consider how colder weather can affect residential garage doors. The last thing you need is for your garage door to fail, allowing snow to accumulate in your garage and that frigid wind to hit the wall between your garage and home. Here are a few tips for preparing residential garage doors for winter that you should know.

  • Inspect- The metal parts of residential garage doors face the most challenge in winter conditions. The cold temperatures can make the springs, screws, tracks, and other components shrink. When warping occurs, there is an increased potential for the parts to break. Inspect all parts to see that they are in top condition leading into winter and replace any that are showing signs of wear and tear or that aren’t a quality product.
  • Lubricate- All moving parts should be properly lubricated with a product designed for this purpose so they can move smoothly. By putting less strain on cold metal parts, you could avoid breakage.
  • Door Seal- While a cracked door seal might not interfere with your garage door’s functionality, it will allow cold air to enter. To check the door seal, put the garage light on and step back from the door during the evening to see if you see any light under the door. You can also inspect the door seal itself for cracks and other problems. Be sure to clean them, if necessary, and clear the area of any fallen leaves or other debris.

If you would like to have complete peace of mind that your residential garage doors are in top condition and ready for winter, give us a call at Kempenfelt Overhead Doors. We also recommend keeping our contact information handy so if you do experience a problem, you can call us for same-day garage repair services.